Hi, I'm Dhruv Samrat. Digital designer and art director.
I help brands with end-to-end visual design work. I can work with you to build your brand identity from scratch, conceptualise visual content for your social media channels, direct creative product photography and everything in between.
I find end-to-end design consultations extremely satisfying. As an artist, it allows me to work with a client long-term and etch out the exact design language that will resonate with their audience. I am equally comfortable working on one-off projects. I have multi-project experience in the following areas of graphic and visual design:
Logo design
Brand identity
Packaging Design 
Social Media Visual Content
Creative Product Photography Direction
My Design Language
Design is so much more than pretty fonts or quirky logos. The right design can evoke an emotional response in your audience. When repeated consistently across different channels as a design language, it can help your brand form a strong connection with your target audience.
As a designer who is big on self-reflection, I can summarise my design language as something that's easy on the eyes. The end-goal with any design project is to communicate the vision of the brand in a manner that's most relatable to its customers.
Let's talk business
An artist by choice, I paint, I design, and I make music. I bring all of those experiences into play when carving a visual identity for your brand.
I will sit with you, virtually or in real-life, and listen intently to how you want your brand to come across. I will give you my inputs and we will work as a team to bring your vision to fruition.
I am always at-hand with my clients, just an email or an instant message away. If you think I am someone you can see as part of your team, shoot me a message and let's talk business.
While I wait for your email, I will be with my dog, playing music, discussing politics, design theories, and the whole shebang.
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